Five useful tips and Tricks for Spotify users

Spotify is one of the best ways to access and listen to music nowadays. Despite the desktop app’s simple appearance, you might not yet have discovered many useful features hidden away, and we’ve pulled together some of our favorites below. You’ll never listen the same way again.

1. Import .mp3 format songs from iTunes to Spotify
Import your songs from iTunes in case Spotify doesn’t have some of your favorite tracks. Or if you don’t want to lose all of your music in iTunes, you can easily import MP3 files and iTunes playlists to Spotify. Hit File > Import Playlists > iTunes.

2. Use advanced search modifiers
Spotify’s search box may look a little bare to the untrained eye, but there’s plenty you can do with it if you know a few tricks. Try adding the operator “year:2000-2005” to limit the date range, or the operator “genre:rock” to only look for a particular genre of music. Other operators you can use include “track:”, “artist:”, and “album:”, and you can combine them together with AND/OR operators too.

3. Send songs and playlists to friends
We’ve covered embedding songs and playlists on the web, but you can also send tracks straight to the inbox of your Spotify friends. Click the small Share button by a track (or a playlist or an album) and open the “Send to Friend” tab. Type out your friend’s name, include a glowing review, and you’re all set. If you want to start work on a collaborative playlist then this is one way of announcing it.

4. Listen privately
however, you might not want your friends knowing that you’re listening to Justin Bieber’s latest album, “Believe”. To temporarily hide what you’re rocking out to, click your name in the top-right corner of the Spotify window and select “Private Session”. It’ll last until you close the program and reopen it, or you can disable it manually in the same menu.

5. Browse in Spotify Service for Mac OS X
If you use Spotify on your Apple Mac, take advantage of a new hidden feature in Spotify: the Browse in Spotify Service for Mac OS X is a quick way to select some text on a webpage (like a band or album name) then search for the results in Spotify.