A Spotify Windows Phone 8 application has ultimately been made accessible for users of Microsoft’s latest mobile OS, having a beta version launching on the Window Phone Store.

The popular music-streaming services permits users to listen many tracks within the Spotify library directly by their Windows Phone 8 gadget.

Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 and also the new entry-level Nokia Lumia 620 is going to be among the handsets to gain access to the Spotify Windows Phone 8 app. Users will need to take out a Spotify Premium subscription for 9.99 to get into the Spotify apps contents, or trial the support for two days when installing the app.

Spotify App Features
As with other intelligent device versions, the Windows Phone 8 Spotify application allows subscribers to search through the millions of tracks held inside the Spotify library, streaming them over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Customers can explore their friends playlists by its Facebook integration, also creating their own to pay attention to offline.

Windows Phone 8 Spotify application features the What’s New view, adding users to new content as well as an On-the-fly sync option to synchronise mobile and computer versions of Spotify without needing to sync your gadgets.

Social choices within the Spotify application permits users to send and obtain tracks via their Spotify inbox, although starring their favourite artists, albums and tracks creates a unique playlist for their favourites.

The Windows Phone 8 Spotify application appears to be lacking the ingenious radio option provided by the iOS and Android applications, which customises a radio station based on the individual listener’s music taste or creates on with different selected artist.

The Windows Phone 8 Spotify application does require Premium option which provides users access to all the Spotify functions both in-app and on the desktop version and costs 9.99 per month. Other subscription choices include Unlimited for ad-free music loading and unlimited song plays, and Free version which usually plays songs with ads. These two latter choices are only accessible on the desktop Spotify.

The Spotify application is also open to download for free from the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod, iPad, or from the Google Play Store for Android gadgets like the HTC One XL and Samsung Galaxy S3. The desktop version can be downloaded by its Spotify site for PC, Mac and chosen home audio systems.

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