Considering that its U.S. launch on July 14, Spotify has actually brought in a minimum of 1.4 million American users; if you have actually checked out the miracle wonders of Spotify and how it is going to alter the method you pay attention to music, perhaps you are one of those 1.4 million.

Whether you’re aiming to ditch iTunes or simply taking it around for a test-drive, Spotify can be a little confusing. As soon as you’ve gotten your Spotify welcome, downloaded the Spotify application, and imported all your songs, though: Exactly what’s next? How do you use Spotify and all its attributes to your full advantage? And what are you missing out on?

Below are some basic pointers for any Spotify beginner feeling overwhelmed or puzzled by their strange brand-new songs player, or curious users wanting to find out more about the Swedish import:.

There are 3 Spotify pay plans, and which you choose determines the quantity of music you can play and where you can play it.

Spotify Free is, as the name signifies, cost-free. You will hear occasional ads between your music (but JUST when you’re playing Spotify’s tunes– when you are playing your very own tracks, there are no advertisements), and you get 20 hours of paying attention time per month.

Spotify Unlimited eliminates the listening cap and also all your advertisements. For $5 a month, you essentially get endless listening (for this reason the name) without commercials disrupting your music.

Spotify Premium is $10 per month and is really everything about gain access to. With Premium, you have the option to download Spotify tunes to your computer so that you can pay attention to them when not linked to the Internet; you can stream Spotify on your mobile phone and download Spotify songs your cell.

A warning, though: If you cancel your Premium subscription, you lose the ability to pay attention to all the tunes you downloaded from Spotify offline. Your Spotify songs will still exist in playlists on your desktop, however you will not be able to hear them without a Net connection or on your mobile phone.

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