The Swedish start-up, which possesses over 24 million active users, has also gone live in Asia – in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Launches in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland mean the program is now available in a total of 28 countries.

Spotify is the head in music streaming globally, but experts expect Apple to make its move soon.

It is thought, but not verified, that Apple has come to an agreement with many major labels, such as Universal Music, to start a streaming service which has been informally dubbed “iRadio”.

A music industry source informed the BBC he expected Apple’s product to be accessible by the third quarter of this year.

Nevertheless, Spotify‘s head start in the market has seen it generate more than 6 000 0000 paid subscribers since its launch in 2008.

Income from these customers, along with advertising and large private investments, has gone towards paying over $500m to rights holders up to now.

The company expects to shell out another $500m in 2013, it added.

Key to this expansion will be additional inroads in markets adopting digital music in better numbers.

Based on the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Mexico is the 16th largest digital music market across the world. Since 2008, its digital music market has grown by 17%.

However it is in Brazil where real riches lie. In 2011, Apple released its iTunes music store in the country – with high sales volumes surprising critics who assumed the location was too entrenched in a culture of pirating music.

In IFPI’s most recent report on the area, a Universal Music spokesman said: “We are visiting a significant rise in sales of smartphones and growing internet connection in Brazil.