Spotify have the comedy app

Spotify might possibly be in the news for the capacity of its payouts to artists, but a new application released on the streaming program is a reminder that there is more to its catalog than music.

Official Comedy is the first Spotify application to concentrate on comedy. It was released today by US media company Bedrocket Media Ventures as a spin-off from its Official Comedy channel on YouTube.

Its Spotify application is based around playlists for comedians and styles. The former range from Monty Python, Billy Connolly and Bill Hicks to current stars including Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K. and Sarah Silverman.

Themes consist of the royal baby, drink and medicines, racial disharmony and sex scandals. The application is curating tracks that are currently available on Spotify from a selection of comedians, enjoying a similar role to the Official Comedy YouTube channel, which has over 175k subscribers.

The channel is financed by YouTube’s Original Channels initiative, which is spending $300m in 160 new channels to bolster Google’s video service’s catalogue of original content.

Bedrocket raised $15m of financing from New Enterprise Associates in September 2012 to carry on producing the channel and its stablemates Look TV and Network_A, which had already been funded by YouTube’s scheme.

Spotify’s role in Official Comedy’s new release is merely to offer the applications platform for it: all the tracks were currently available on the program, therefore this isn’t a case of Spotify suddenly “getting into” comedy. The application was made for Bedrocket by British firm SMPapps.

It’s far from the just streaming audio program to carry such content, too. US-based streaming radio program Pandora added comedy in May 2011, such as the ability for listeners to make personalised stations according to their favourite performers.

Pandora additionally tags every routine with characteristics to help the personalisation. “Not just can I curate a genre station for ‘Jewish Humor’ by pulling every track that scores in a gene called ‘POV: Jewish,’ I could additionally pull tracks that score in ‘Format: Sketch,’ ‘Subject: Food,’ or ‘Delivery: Shouting’,” its comedy curator Kelly Anneken explained to Forbes in June 2013.

On Spotify, the Official Comedy application is taking on that curatorial role. It’s one of 87 applications released within Spotify’s desktop software so far, even though the company has yet to additionally make them available within its smartphone and tablet applications.