Spotify is at the head of the online music pack, with over 24 million active individuals taking pleasure in access to more than 20 million tracks in the its outstanding library. Spotify’s interface primarily revolves around developing playlists and radio stations, however there’s a lot even more to this music service than satisfies the eye. These suggestions will reveal you how to benefit from concealed abilities, switch off annoying auto-functions, and ensure your free trial of Spotify Premium is really free.

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While it’s a powerful alternative to iTunes or Amazon MP3, Spotify is a very various animal certainly. As opposed to offering you MP3s, it lets you stream endless tunes from a huge catalog of songs.

However this various kind of service results in a bunch of questions. Read on for answers to some of the most usual ones.

An Apple iPhone displaying the Spotify application

While Spotify is primarily a streaming service, it likewise has some offline listening attributes. The most fundamental use of Spotify is to search for songs then stream it to either the desktop computer or mobile Spotify app via the web. Nevertheless, some Spotify strategies allow users to save tunes for offline listening– listening to the tracks even when their device or computer system isn’t really connected to the Internet. Continue reading “Spotify for iPhone Frequently Asked Questions” »

Considering that its U.S. launch on July 14, Spotify has actually brought in a minimum of 1.4 million American users; if you have actually checked out the miracle wonders of Spotify and how it is going to alter the method you pay attention to music, perhaps you are one of those 1.4 million.

Whether you’re aiming to ditch iTunes or simply taking it around for a test-drive, Spotify can be a little confusing. As soon as you’ve gotten your Spotify welcome, downloaded the Spotify application, and imported all your songs, though: Exactly what’s next? How do you use Spotify and all its attributes to your full advantage? And what are you missing out on?

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With only the occasional advert disturbing the stream of songs, it’s like having the greatest songs collection worldwide.It’s so large that you might need a bit even more aid looking for tunes and handling the outcomes.

We have actually assembled 15 hidden features, pointers and add-ons that will help you maximize Spotify.

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The Swedish start-up, which possesses over 24 million active users, has also gone live in Asia – in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Launches in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland mean the program is now available in a total of 28 countries.

Spotify is the head in music streaming globally, but experts expect Apple to make its move soon.

It is thought, but not verified, that Apple has come to an agreement with many major labels, such as Universal Music, to start a streaming service which has been informally dubbed “iRadio”.

A music industry source informed the BBC he expected Apple’s product to be accessible by the third quarter of this year.

Nevertheless, Spotify‘s head start in the market has seen it generate more than 6 000 0000 paid subscribers since its launch in 2008.

Income from these customers, along with advertising and large private investments, has gone towards paying over $500m to rights holders up to now.

The company expects to shell out another $500m in 2013, it added.

Key to this expansion will be additional inroads in markets adopting digital music in better numbers.

Based on the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Mexico is the 16th largest digital music market across the world. Since 2008, its digital music market has grown by 17%.

However it is in Brazil where real riches lie. In 2011, Apple released its iTunes music store in the country – with high sales volumes surprising critics who assumed the location was too entrenched in a culture of pirating music.

In IFPI’s most recent report on the area, a Universal Music spokesman said: “We are visiting a significant rise in sales of smartphones and growing internet connection in Brazil.

Cars were once a technical wasteland. Brand new vehicles, with historical technology. And although modern cars still lack modern tech appointments, the space is getting a bit less wide recently. Volvo just announced a voice-activated music system along with Spotify. It’s fully built-into the dash through Volvo’s Sensus Connected Touch solution, which makes it both voice activated and touch enabled. The latest system allows drivers to manage to stream music with a 3G/4G dongle or via the driver’s mobile phone connection via their dashboard. Drivers can play any Spotify track they want merely by just saying its name, enabling car owners to be able to remain connected when driving.


The system depends on Android technology, which enables it to be regularly upgraded. Other apps obtainable via Sensus Connected Touch include Google Maps, TuneIn, iGO navigation and an application store for new functions and updates. Internet data may also be transferred via Wi-Fi between the mobile phone and Sensus Connected Touch and the Wi-Fi network could be shared with everyone in the car when using a dongle. Sensus is the name Volvo uses for all its HMI (Human Machine Interface) performance and Sensus Connected Touch is a dealer-fitted accessory. It goes on sale in May 2013 and could be fitted in all new Volvos (V40, V40 Cross Country, S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80) in addition to being retrofitted in applicable used cars from model year 2011.

We’re pleased to welcome our newest innovative and dynamic partner, Bang & Olufsen, who integrated Spotify in their BeoSound 5 music systems.

With Spotify integrated, the updated BeoSound 5 gives Bang & Olufsen owners access to over 20 million songs in the audio quality that they are accustomed to.

With a BeoSound 5 and a Spotify Premium subscription, you can now access a all your favourite music in up to 320 kbps, and enjoy amazing sound via BeoSound 5 connected to Bang & Olufsen speakers.

The software update for BeoSound 5 is free and available to download online.

Great news for Ford fans! From today, you can now stream Spotify in your car.
The new Spotify app for Ford SYNC AppLink gives you voice and dash-controlled access to all your favorite music.

Just select the Spotify app on your iPhone and connect to Ford SYNC AppLink. It’s never been easier to find the right music for every road trip. All you need is a Spotify Premium account.

Just say the word
With simple voice commands you’ve got easy, hands-free access to all your favorite music, playlists and Spotify Radio.

Dash control
If you want to use dash control, no problem. The Spotify app also integrates with the buttons on the dash to skip tracks forward or back as well as to play or pause.

The right music for every journey has never been easier. Update your Spotify app to use Spotify with Ford SYNC AppLink today!

Twitter will release a music-specific application later this month, right after its acquisition of hipster music discovery program We Are Hunted late a year ago, based on a report by CNet.

Part of Twitter’s strategy to redouble on specific media services, a Twitter Music application would be released for iOS devices, based on CNet, permitting users to adhere to their favourite artists and songs and share recommendations with friends, in addition to follow customised recommendations based on their account.

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We got the chance to tour the Ford booth on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, and were treated to a first-hand walk-through of the latest version of the company’s Sync in-car media and voice order technology. Chief among the new functions is Spotify integration, providing subscribers ubiquitous accessibility streaming music service using a few easy voice commands.

In practice, the program works without having complicated commands, which is a good thing in terms of controlling media whilst in motion. The fewer options, the less distractions, the better the passengers. Accessing Spotify via Sync effectively renders your handset’s media user interface useless using a slick splash display screen is a vote in favor of safety, and we support Ford’s proceed to audio-only control although the car is in motion.

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A Spotify Windows Phone 8 application has ultimately been made accessible for users of Microsoft’s latest mobile OS, having a beta version launching on the Window Phone Store.

The popular music-streaming services permits users to listen many tracks within the Spotify library directly by their Windows Phone 8 gadget.

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