Best Spotify Recorder

In this blog, I will show easy-to-use Spotify recorders that record mp3 from Spotify so that you can play it on your MP3 player or phone.

Spotify is an excellent music service that offers thousands of music and songs for free. It is a fantastic application for users to enjoy new music online. However, the disadvantage of Spotify is that you can’t save your favorite songs on the local computer or play it on your music offline.


Why record Spotify music?

MP3 is still the ideal way to listen to music. You could play mp3 on any music player or phone without any limitation. That is why many Spotify fans are looking for a Spotify recording tool to record Spotify streaming music as the .mp3 file in to enjoy it on iPod (Nano) or phone without the internet is connected.  Recording Spotify music is completely legal for personal use only.


What is the best Spotify recorder

You may wonder what the best Spotify recorder software to download Spotify music is? Well, The Cinch audio recorder is highly recommended. By using it, music from Spotify can be recorded and converted to MP3 with id3 tags. It is straightforward to use, and the output quality is as good as the original. The best feature of this tool is that it can identifies and tags songs automatically and remove ADs between tracks. Not only for recording Spotify, but you can also record any online streaming music for free.

Cinch Spotify recorder

Download Cinch Spotify recorder Windows version Download Cinch Spotify recorder Mac version

Cool features:

  • Save music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. on your computer and save it as MP3 files (320kbp/s) separately
  • Automatically get a song’s the title, artist, and album cover
  • Save music as lossless WAV format (great for DJ)
  • Turn off speaker while recording
  • Edit music file and save it as a ringtone
  • Advertisement removal (audio Ads occurs in between songs)
  • With just one click to record your favorite music. Even your grandma can use it to record music.
  • Works without premium Spotify account

Simple Spotify recording guide in text version:

  1. Install the Cinch audio recorder and launch it.
  2. Click the yellow recording button at top-left
  3. Start to play Spotify music no matter on a web player or desktop application

That’s it. Wait until all music playing is finished, all songs will be saved as .mp3 on your computer. Now you can transfer recorded songs to any music device.


Alternative to Cinch audio recorder

Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is a multifunctional music recorder software program for both Windows and Mac users. It could act as a streaming audio recorder to record streaming audio and record online songs as well. Meanwhile, it could record a built-in input audio stream or Mic audio stream. It saves high audio quality in MP3 and WAV formats for widely using. Now Leawo will perform the rest for you. On top of this, Leawo features a CD burning that means you could burn your favorite tracks to CD for playing on the car.

Key features:
  • download music from online music sources with id3 tags
  • Convert Spotify to MP3 with the bitrate of 320kbps
  • Support for preset recording starts time and duration.
  • Automatically split/filter songs upon preset time duration.
  • Manage and edit recording files freely.
  • Audio editor – make a ringtone from the recorded audio file
  • No need a Spotify premium account
  • Support both Windows and Mac OS

Download leawo music recorder Windows version Download leawo music recorder Mac version


How to record Spotify with Leawo music recorder

  1. Install the Leawo music recorder and launch it.
  2. Click the red recording button at top-left
  3. Start to play Spotify tracks on your computer


Spotify recorders VS Spotify downloaders

What is different? Which one is better? Well, the simple answer is to forget about Spotify downloader software. No one can rip a track from the Spotify server because all music files are encrypted. Some software programs that claimed they could rip Spotify music are downloading music from other resources like Youtube or other illegal P2P networks. You will get either song with the wrong version or bad quality tracks. Therefore, Spotify recorder is the best solution to get original Spotify music, and you will 1:1 high-quality output. You know what you are going to get rather than “surprised” results. If you are a premiere Spotify user, you can record Spotify as 320kbps or even lossless sound quality.

Is there any free Spotify Recorder?

Yes, there are a few free Spotify music converter programs available on Github.

Spotify Web Recorder

SWR is a free, open-source Spotify web recording program for Windows. With it, you could easily download Spotify music to mp3 files with id3 tags saved on your hard drive.


Spytify 1.4

This Spotify recorder (Spytify) has a similar name with Spotify. Because that was born for Spotify recording. This Windows software records your computer’s sound card outputs. Spytify records the same quality that Spotify outputs, so the recorded version will be indistinguishable from Spotify’s version. Spytify records music at high quality, and not at higher qualities like. FLAC, since Spotify can only deliver 320 kbps audio quality.



Do we have Spotify recorders for android or iOS?

We have Spotify recorders for Windows and Mac. Do we have a recording tool on our phone? No, I don’t think you can find such a recording app on the Google Player or Apple app store. But you could rip mp3 from Spotify with Telegram bot or Fildo for Android.

Telegram bot

Telegram bot is a free service that helps download Spotify to mp3 on your Android or iPhone without a Spotify premium account. I have tried it by myself, and it works like a charm. It works like this:

  1. Install Telegram on your phone.
  2. Find Spotify downloader bot through the upper search bar.
  3. Add the bot, and you will “chat” it with the song’s name or Spotify playlist link that you want to download with.
  4. The bot will reply to the songs that you can download on your phone directly.



Foldo is a free Android app that you could download Spotify playlist to mp3 on your phone.  You will learn how to download Spotify tracks by following steps below:

  1. Download Fildo APK file here and install it
  2. Tap the “More” tab on the bottom and log in your own Spotify account for importing your Spotify playlist info.
  3. Once you have your playlist on the Fildo, download a song by clicking the 3-dots icon on the right of a song.

The successfully downloaded mp3 will be saved in the folder named “FildoDownloads“ on your phone.


Want to download streaming/online video like YouTube?

AllMyTube is easy to use tool for downloading videos from over 1000 online video sharing sites. Get your favorite video on your windows and Mac computer now.

Download Windows version here    Mac version here