How to record Spotify music

The Spotify is a great music service that offers thousands of music and songs for free. It is really a wonderful application for users to enjoy new music online. However, the disadvantage of Spotify is that you can’t download/save your favorite songs on the local computer or play it on your music player.

Many Spotify fans are looking for a Spotify recorder tool to record Spotify streaming music as the .mp3 file in order to enjoy it without the internet connection.

In this blog, I will introduce an easy-to-use Spotify recorder tool that works on both Windows and Mac OS computer.

Spotify recorder VS Spotify downloader

What is different? Which one is better? Well, the simple answer is to forget about Spotify downloader. No one can actually download music from Spotify server because all music files are encrypted. some software programs that claimed they can download Spotify music are downloading music from other resources like Youtube or other illegal P2P networks. You will get either song with the wrong version or bad quality files. Therefore, Spotify recorder is the best solution to get Spotify music, you will 1:1 high-quality output, you know what you going to get rather than “surprised” result.


Streaming music recorder is highly recommended. By using it, music from Spotify can be recorded and converted to MP3 or even burn directly to CDs. It is very easy to use and the output quality is as good as the original. The best feature of this tool is that it can identifies and tags songs automatically and remove ADs between tracks. With 1 click, you can record any music.

Download it here  (only available for Windows), If you are a Mac user, you can get  Mac version here.

There are also alternative streaming music recorders to get Spotify to mp3, you could detailed reviews here:

Listen Offline Permanently: How To Convert Spotify Music to MP3


This video instruction will introduce you the how to use it (For Windows)

How to use AllMyMusic to record Spotify (For Mac)


Want to download streaming/online video like YouTube

AllMyTube is easy to use tool for downloading videos from over 1000 online video sharing sites. Get your favorite video on your computer now.

Download Windows version here    Mac version here




Free Spotify Recorder (Not Working Now)

Spotify has launched a web-based player, now it has in beta. You can access the Web-Spotify with a free or premium account. You can download the songs using Cache viewer addon in Firefox browser. First, you need to play the song complete, then open the cache viewer and save the recent audio file as MP3 or Ogg with an appropriate name.


Note: Please be assured that recording Spotify music is completely legal for personal use only.